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For two well-educated young women, The Bachelor's Ashley Iaconetti and TV producer Naz Perez don't get a lot about this world. On the I Don't Get It Podcast, these two millennials will discuss topics that boggle their brains. They'll discuss things like dating in the tech age, current fads, pop culture phenomena, and everyday annoyances. You don't have to be a fan of reality TV to enjoy the realness these two dish out. You'll feel like you're sitting with your best friends while listening to the I Don't Get It Podcast.
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For two well-educated young women, The Bachelor's Ashley Iaconetti and TV producer Naz Perez don't get a lot about this world. On the I Don't Get It Podcast, these two millennials will discuss topics that boggle their brains. They'll discuss things like dating in the tech age, current fads, pop culture phenomena, and everyday annoyances. You don't have to be a fan of reality TV to enjoy the realness these two dish out. You'll feel like you're sitting with your best friends while listening to the I Don't Get It Podcast. 

Apr 25, 2017

There are two kinds of people in this world. Those of us that went to Coachella, and those of us that didn't. Except those of us that didn't go, can say we pretty much DID go, because our entire Instagram feed for the past 2 weekends has been #Coachella. Is Coachella even about the music anymore? Or is it just a photo taking festival?  Coachella has become more of a scene than the cool free-spirit music festival it started out as.  For the first time ever Ashley, Lauren and Naz all sat down to discuss their opinions on the now mainstream - Coachella Music Festival - a festival none of them have ever been to, but they don't think they would like. They just don't get Coachella. 

Apr 18, 2017

Do you post photos just so that you can get that little high you get when your crush "likes" it? Social media has changed the dating landscape immensely. Instagram can help you get dates (sliding into DMs), confirm that a guy is single or taken (girlfriend pics, tagged pics), and can assure you've got his attention (likes, duh). And that's only Instagram! Each social app has a feature that can help you determine how much someone likes you romantically...or so we think? Ashley and Naz (She's back!) discuss their experiences with dating and social media.

Apr 11, 2017

The sisterly bond is a beautiful and unique thing. Ashley and Lauren are similar in so many ways but there a few things they just don't get about each other. The girls delve into their likes and dislikes that don't quite match up with each other. Ashley loves peanut butter and jelly, socializing, going to dinner with friends. Lauren loves Taco Bell, lounging in bed, and delivery. Find out more about this opposing duo and how they argue their favorite things in this week's I Don't Get It Podcast. 

Apr 5, 2017

Ever wonder how some women seem to have it all? Ashley and Lauren talk to the former editor-in-chief of Seventeen magazine, Anne Shoket author of the new book "The Big Life." Shoket an expert in "adulting." In "The Big Life" she helps guide millennials struggling to have a balance creating a career and juggling it along with friendship, romance, and hobbies. Shoket discusses with Ashley and Lauren what has worked for her in achieving her "Big Life." Later on, the girls bring their dad on to discuss the difference between dating now in contrast to back when Dr. Iaconetti met their mom in 1978. Is it best to meet and grow together or establish yourself first and then come together? That's the big question the girls explore in this podcast. 

Mar 28, 2017

Ashley and Lauren take a trip home where they uncover their old childhood diaries. The girls read embarrassing entries from their early teen years in truly cringe-worthy format. Ashley not only finds her childhood diary, but a very juicy "Bachelor journal." She reads entries from her time in the Bachelor mansion, and expresses her admiration for Chris Soules and the Bachelor Family she's now part of. Everybody get ready to flashback to middle school because things are about to get awkward!

Mar 21, 2017

Ashley and Lauren definitely don't understand why anyone would choose to "go out" rather than spend a night cozy on the couch. They did some research and went out and had two drinks. They came home, put sweatpants on and while a little buzzed and vented about how sucky "going out" is, along with having girl talk about warm-feeling crushes, eating free food, and UTIs. Ashley & Lauren apologizing for all the horrible singing in the episode. 

Mar 15, 2017

We don't get first kisses. Ashley grew up listening to Hitch AKA Will Smith's kissing advice. According to Hitch, the guy needs to go 90% of the way in and the girl closes the kiss by making 10% of the move. Is this really how it should be? Do you need to endure the awkward silence and the eye contact at the end of a date? Ashley explores this topic with ex BAE and Bachelor in Paradise alum Wells Adams. They talk about what makes a good kiss and all the Bachelor family members they've indirectly kissed. The conversation evolves into funny dating stories and dirty (literally) details of the their Bachelor family friends. 

Mar 7, 2017

Ashley gets bloated really easily and is so confused by how some couples keep in their farts around each other. It gets super uncomfortable! She and Lauren discuss if this is okay and their experiences holding in their farts around boys and boyfriends. They call their Bachelor in Paradise friends Jade and Tanner to see how they deal with farting...and their marriage, along with other TMI bodily functions. Does being open about pooping and farting strip a relationship of its romance or does it make for a better relationship?

Feb 28, 2017

Ashley recently went on four dates with the same guy. She gave him chances because he was good on paper and respectfully asked her out. She describes her third date when she felt it necessary to kiss a guy she didn't want to kiss for the first time. They then fast forward to their fourth date, on Valentine's Day, when she became officially grossed out. Jared joins in on the conversation and talks about the best moves to make in this situation, who should be paying, and transparent facial expressions. Fellow Bachelor in Paradise friend Carly Waddell calls in and discusses how she went from grossed out to friends to an engaged couple with fiance Evan Bass. She gives her advice on what to do in a situation you "don't feel" at first. 

Feb 22, 2017

Ashley and her special guest, The Bachelor's Jared Haibon, discuss what guys really mean when they say “let’s take it slow” or what it probably happening when a girl is “confused” in a relationship. Jared discusses why “games” normally have to be played in dating. Jared tries to teach Ashley how to have confidence when a guy she likes makes her nervous. Ashley and Jared then reminisce about the most memorable moments of their relationship, like when she threw up in his car, when he found her the most attractive, and the Bachelor in Paradise letter. 

Feb 14, 2017
Haley and Emily Ferguson, best known as "the twins" from The Bachelor franchise join Ashley and Lauren this week as they discuss everything from blow up techniques to Valentine's Day gift giving. Their conversation surrounding chivalry and sweetness will certainly confuse male listeners. The old fashioned pursuit rarely works in the millennial era. The ladies discuss the common dating phenomenon among woman called "Being grosses out." Haley and Ashley reflect upon the anxiety of first kisses. The ladies also play a Bachelor family version of "Marry, Fuck, Kill"  while revealing juicy inside Bachelor Nation scoop.


Feb 7, 2017

Has someone ever said "You're so pretty and smart... why are you still single?" Well, the Iaconetti sisters delve into reasons women tend to push away the nice guys and say come hither to the bad boys. Ashley analyzes her inability to crush often, and particularly crush on guys who reciprocate feelings towards her, while also asking for some advice in a current dating scenario. Lauren discusses her dislike for traditional courting. The girls also discuss the discomfort, nervousness, and dread that come with the beginning stages of a romantic relationship.

Jan 31, 2017

Ashley and Lauren Iaconetti don’t get why their magical childhood feelings have disintegrated with age. What happened to those enchanted times of daydreaming about Justin Timberlake and Leonardo DiCaprio without a care in the world? Now when a crush is formed in adulthood, those new whimsical crush feelings turn into worries and dare say it…REALITY. The girls also delve into their experiences with their first menstrual cycle and the terror/ embarrassment that ensued. Find out who still wears pads opposed to tampons and who dabbled in masturbation before they even knew what they were doing. Beware, it gets graphic.

Jan 25, 2017

Ashely and Lauren Iaconetti just don't get why women have to go through a million steps just to get ready. Why do we have to wear makeup and pluck our eyebrows? They debate whether women should wear makeup everyday or whether they should let their skin breathe. They reveal what plastic surgery they've had and how much landscaping they have going on in the bikini area. And we're not sure how it came up, but Ashely admits to her obsession with Clay Aiken, but equally embarrassing was the time Lauren pooped in the bathtub. The ladies talk about every step of their beauty routine from Botox to shaving, and debate what works and what is a waste of time. 

Jan 17, 2017

Add cool girls to the list of things Ashley and Lauren Iaconetti don't get. You might think, wait, these chicks were on the Bachelor, they ARE cool girls, but believe it or not they don't agree. And while they're at it, they just don't get fuck boys...or is it fuckbois. Whatever. They don't get them. And what's up with ghosting? Who thinks it's ok to just abandon a friend or relationship without a trace. We discuss...

Jan 10, 2017

Why does it seem like loving moments always invite awkwardness??? This week Ashley I brings in her sister Lauren to discuss sticky situations in dating. Ashley describes a crush she had on one of her teachers and why it went horribly wrong. We get to hear the unsavory details of the time she threw up around her long-time crush Jared from the Bachelor. Lauren and Ashely debate which stomach issues are the most embarrassing to have on a date, and so much more. It gets very...AWKWARD. Enjoy!

Dec 21, 2016

In the first episode of the I Don't Get it Podcast, Ashley I (Bachelor, Bachelor in Paradise) and her bestie, Naz Perez (producer, Bachelor, Bachelor in Paradise) talk about how they met and why they are kindred spirits. These two beauties realized they both were unlucky in love and had never had boyfriends, and then realized there were lots of things that baffled them about the world. They find themselves saying to each other, "I don't get it!" about all the other "normal" people and things in their lives. They know they're not alone, though, and know there's lots of things you guys don't get either. They are excited to have weekly discussions about all the things they don't get, and this will be the first of many. So grab a coffee or wine and sit down with your new best friends, Ashley and Naz, and hear about the world from their point of view. Today, listen to their explanation for why they don't have boyfriends, and see if you agree.