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The Bachelor's Ashley and Lauren Iaconetti and reality TV producer Naz Perez don't get a lot about this world. These three outspoken millennials discuss the most embarrassing topics openly and honestly. Relationships, men, sex, virginity dating in the tech age, pop culture, and everyday annoyances, these ladies cover it all, and with no filter or shame! Bachelor alum frequently stop by to weigh in on these racy topics! 

Nov 15, 2021

It's horror story time again! You think your neighbors are tough to live around? Do they walk into your apartment unannounced and act as if your family room is the complex's common area? Have they stolen your engagement ring? Have they brought you to court because you decided to buy a house? Have they told you that the sound of your laugh is disrupting their day or complain about the time of day you shower? All of these things have happened to the guests on this week's podcast episode. Listen to decide which neighbors would have you scrolling on Zillow for a new place to live.

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