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The Bachelor's Ashley and Lauren Iaconetti and reality TV producer Naz Perez don't get a lot about this world. These three outspoken millennials discuss the most embarrassing topics openly and honestly. Relationships, men, sex, virginity dating in the tech age, pop culture, and everyday annoyances, these ladies cover it all, and with no filter or shame! Bachelor alum frequently stop by to weigh in on these racy topics! 

May 23, 2022

Three guests discuss their rare bodily conditions. One guest recently found out she has a deviation in her vagina that leads to two uteruses. Another realized her husband was born with a blockage that was preventing them from getting pregnant. The final guest cannot see images in her mind. After listening to this podcast, you may realize it's time to speak up about what doesn't feel right.  Get 20% off your first order plus free shipping at

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