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The Bachelor's Ashley and Lauren Iaconetti and reality TV producer Naz Perez don't get a lot about this world. These three outspoken millennials discuss the most embarrassing topics openly and honestly. Relationships, men, sex, virginity dating in the tech age, pop culture, and everyday annoyances, these ladies cover it all, and with no filter or shame! Bachelor alum frequently stop by to weigh in on these racy topics! 

Jul 25, 2022

This week, the ladies are talking all things postpartum with their incredible guest Dr. Mary Simpson. Dr. Simpson has been an OB-GYN for almost twenty years. Now, she runs Seamist Medspa, and she has so much knowledge to share! Dr. Simpson discusses the difference between ultrasound therapy and EMSculpt, which uses specific radio frequencies and magnets to help build muscle and burn fat. (Ashley swears by it!) But Dr. Simpson isn’t just here to talk about getting your body back. In fact, she believes getting your “pre-baby body back” is a myth and that you should focus on getting back to your “best self” instead. Dr. Simpson and the I Don’t Get It ladies talk about the surprising things that happen when you’re pregnant and the things no one tells you to expect when you’re pregnant. They talk about the difference between “baby blues” and postpartum depression, the pressure women face to breastfeed, and even get into what happens to your sexlife, postpartum. Oh, and Naz unveils her idea for a postpartum retreat that Dr. Simpson calls  “very L.A.”

This is a really honest and special conversation. Don’t miss it!

Check out Seamist Medspa and all of the incredible work Dr. Simpson is doing there @seamistmedspa_ 

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